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Vertical Frame

Atlantic Signal MH180-V Tactical Heaset System
The MH180V Tactical Headset is the world's only tactical bone conduction headset offering the operator a choice from one of four differing lengths (S-XL) of vertical, stainless steel, head frame to ensure a secure and comfortable personal fit. To attain additional stability, a fully adjustable nylon and Velcro, head strap is included. The distinctive design of the MH180V also allows the operator to position the waterproof, noise canceling boom microphone on the left or right side of the face ensuring an unobstructed cheek weld when using a long weapon.

Prior to the introduction of the MH180V, all vertical framed bone conduction headsets offered only a "standard" length head frame. That remains the case today with the original New Eagle Special Operations/Assault's inferior knock-off headset from Korea marketed in the United States, confusingly named the Spec-Ops II, by Tactical Command Industries. The "one size is supposed to fit all but doesn't" vertical frame design ultimately forces many members of a tactical team to wear a headset that doesn’t fit properly. Not only does this cause discomfort for some, it can also result in operators being unable to properly position the bone conductors on the temporal bones of the face which could cause low receive volume. Atlantic Signal has solved this annoying and inexcusable problem by manufacturing the MH180V in four headset frame lengths to ensure each and every individual on a team is outfitted with a proper fitting headset.

Bone conduction technology (receiving radio communications through the facial bones rather than the ear canal) affords the tactical operator the advantage of having no speaker hardware in, on or over either ear - allowing 360 degrees of unobstructed auditory situational awareness. The audio transducer(s), located inside the headset housing(s), are positioned in front of the ears. Incoming radio transmissions are transferred to the transducer(s), then through the temporal bones of the face and received in the inner ear.

When hearing protection is desired, while wearing the MH180V, an operator can simultaneously use various forms of electronic or inert forms of hearing protection. By utilizing one of these forms of protection, the operator has the personal operational advantage of choosing when and when not to employ hearing protection without sacrificing the ability to maintain crucial radio communications. Following nearly 18 months of field tests and evaluations, Atlantic Signal recommends the Aearo/Peltor branded Combat Arms Earplugs as the inert form of hearing protection and either Sordin or Aearo/Peltor for electronic protection (see the hearing protection link on this site for further details). Peltor/Aearo and Sordin are the two most widely known and respected tactical hearing protection providers in the world.

The MH180V can be customized for each individual operator including: a choice of single or dual bone conductors for RX, one of four custom frame lengths, custom cable lengths, multiple body/finger/weapon mount push-to-talk switches, inline quick disconnects, remote radio volume control, breathing apparatus adapter kits and more.