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Gladiator V Tactical Headset with Hearing Pro

Gladiator V Tactical Headset with Hearing Pro
TThe Gladiator V Tactical Headset is a hybrid of the company’s MH180V Tactical Headset. The difference? The integration of the U.S. Military approved 4th generation COMBAT ARMS EARPLUGS (aka CAE). The unique design of this patented combination of products allows an operator to engage and disengage hearing pro at will while having no impact whatsoever on his ability to RX and TX radio communications. The CAE earplugs’ patented design (in Open/Weapons Fire Mode) provides the operator situational awareness (hear thru while positioned in the ear) yet protects against dangerous peak levels with a filter element that reacts instantaneously to provide increased hearing protection. In the Closed/ Constant Protection mode, the CAEs protect against high-level steady noises like those in tracked vehicles. This version of the Combat Arms utilizes a new finger-touch rocker cover that can be operated while the earplug is in the ear and provides an NRR of up to 23 decibels when properly worn.

The combination of North America’s top tactical bone conduction headsets and top passive hearing protector allows an operator, in a tactical LE scenario for instance, to gear up with team members to breach a door and throw a flash bang. The operator can remove the CAEs from the Gladiator headset sidepiece ‘holsters’ and position them in his ears in the Open/Weapons Fire mode. This gives the operator the ability to receive radio comms through his facial bones while simultaneously having auditory situational awareness to hear potential danger in his environment as well as his team mates’ non radio conversations or commands. When a bang is used, the filter inside the CAE will react instantly to provide increased hearing protection. Once the operator knows the threat has been eliminated, he can remove the CAEs from his ears and store them out of the way inside the twin headset sidepiece holsters – while maintaining the ability to RX and TX radio communications.

The patented design and utility of the Gladiator V gives an operator instant access to the finest, U.S. Military approved, passive hearing protectors on the market when needed while also eliminating the constant issues associated with misplacing or losing hearing pro or reaching into a pouch or pocket only to find the earplug’s lanyard tangled up in knots. The Gladiator line of headsets eliminates the aggravation associated with common issues such as these.

The Gladiator V Tactical Headset is the world’s only tactical bone conduction headset offering the operator the choice from one of four differing lengths (S-XL) of vertical, stainless steel, head frame to ensure a secure and comfortable personal fit. To attain additional stability, a fully adjustable nylon and Velcro, head strap is included. Transmitting is accomplished via a waterproof/noise canceling microphone mounted on an articulated boom arm

Bone conduction technology (receiving radios communications through the facial bones rather than the ear canals) affords the tactical operator the advantage of having no speaker hardware in, on or over the ears – allowing 360 degrees of unobstructed auditory situational awareness. The audio transducers, located inside the headset housings, are positioned in the front of the ears. Incoming radio transmissions are transferred to the transducers, then through the temporal bones of the face and received in the inner ear.

Each Gladiator V headset comes with the CAE IV mounted to each headset sidepiece housing – ready for field operations. In addition, each headset will feature a pair of Small / Medium & Large silicone, flanged earplugs to ensure you utilize the proper. Both the CAE IV stems on headset mountable lanyards, as well as the individual earplug sizes, are available for re-order/replacement.