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MH180H Tactical Bone Conduction Headset

MH180H Tactical Bone Conduction Headset
The MH180H is our latest design and most popular among operators. It features a stainless steel frame, on a horizontal plane, granting an operator the choice of having the headset custom built with the waterproof/noise canceling microphone on the left or right side of the face (when positioned on the face). This distinct feature provides the advantages associated with a boom microphone, while having the mic installed on the appropriate side of the face, opposite the stock of a long weapon - ensuring an unobstructed cheek weld.

A number of newer law enforcement and military protective helmets provide limited access for an accessory such as a headset. The MH180H was designed to allow for helmet and protective eyewear clearance. Additionally, some helmet suspensions are rigid and cause discomfort when an operator is attempting to use a traditional, vertical framed headset. The MH180H's horizontal frame (encircling the back of the head / nape of the neck) eliminates the potential conflicts associated with a rigid or non-adjustable inner suspension system. While the MH180H does not include the adjustable features of the MH3 or differing frame lengths of the MH180 and MH180S, the company utilized the details of MIL-STD-1472D ("Head and Face Dimensions") to design and manufacture a bendable, horizontal, stainless steel frame that fits 95% of the adult population. To attain additional stability, a fully adjustable nylon and Velcro head strap is included.

Bone conduction technology (receiving radio communications through the facial bones rather than the ear canal) affords the tactical operator the advantage of having no speaker hardware in, on or over either ear - allowing 360 degrees of unobstructed auditory situational awareness. The audio transducer(s), located inside the headset housing(s), are positioned in front of the ears. Incoming radio transmissions are transferred to the transducer(s), then through the temporal bones of the face and received in the inner ear.

When hearing protection is desired, while wearing the MH180H, an operator can simultaneously use various forms of electronic or inert forms of hearing protection. By utilizing one of these forms of protection, the operator has the personal operational advantage of choosing when and when not to employ hearing protection without sacrificing the ability to maintain crucial radio communications. Following nearly 18 months of field tests and evaluations, Atlantic Signal recommends the Aearo/Peltor branded Combat Arms Earplugs as the inert form of hearing protection and either Sordin or Peltor for electronic protection (see the hearing protection link on this site for further details). Peltor/Aearo and Sordin are the two most widely known and respected tactical hearing protection providers in the world.

The MH180H can be customized for each individual operator including: a choice of single or dual bone conductors for RX, custom cable lengths, multiple body/finger/weapon mount push-to-talk switches, inline quick disconnects, remote radio volume control, breathing apparatus adapter kits and more.