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NLTA Protective Gear

The Phoenix NLTA/FOF Protective Gear is the latest in personal protection for Force on Force Training. We have corrected many of the problems that are inherent in most NLTA/FOF helmets and clothing as well as added some new innovative features. Our helmets virtually eliminate fogging, difficulty breathing and that claustrophobic feeling so common with other helmets as well as misrecognition of training participants vs. role players. . Both helmet and NLTA/FOF clothing allow for unrestricted movement and access to duty weapons without too much protection eliminating the threat of consequences. The open shield design of the Phoenix helmet allows for excellent communication clarity, recognition of hidden facial expressions and non-verbals, as well as peripheral vision. It performs and feels more like a pair of good shooting goggles than a helmet! We have redefined what you should expect out of your NLTA/FOF training equipment by providing the best of both worlds. Full protection while allowing the operator to utilize his full field of vision all in one helmet that is lighter, cooler, less bulky, more user friendly and more comfortable than any other helmet in production to date. Call for a free demonstration of the Phoenix NLTA/FOF gear to see AND feel the difference in our technology for yourself!