5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Holster

Item# 50104-019

  • $79.99

The 5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Holster was produced in partnership with Blade-Tech to be the safest and fastest Level II holster commercially available. Using a proprietary single-thumb retention system, this holster promotes a quick and natural draw with a better grip on the gun. The detachable Chop-Block switch guard works to hold the weapon in place and prevent loss during physical altercations. This product has been tested intensely in the field by Viking Tactics to ensure quality and reliability. The included Belt Slide is able to fit belts up to 2.25-inches, allowing you to customize your holster's placement for maximum comfort and efficiency.

  • Proprietary single-thumb retention system promotes a quick and natural draw
  • Designed in partnership with Blade-Tech
  • Reinforced weapon retention system for a secure grip on the firearm
  • Thoroughly field tested by Viking Tactics
  • Detachable Chop-Block switch guard to prevent weapon loss
  • Included Belt Slide sized to fit up to 2.25" belts
  • Belt Slide and Paddle included
  • Designed to be the fastest and safest L2 holster available
  • ThumbDrive Holster Thigh Rig and Drop/Offset kits available

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