5.11 Tactical Edgebender

Item# 50135

  • $299.99

The 5.11 Tactical Edgebender was engineered to accelerate the use of other 5.11 breaching tools, the EdgeBender minimizes exposure and facilitates defeat of security portals quickly and quietly. The vice jaws slip behind mounted security plates, and the T-handle allows even pressure to create an attack gap for leverage tools like the MultiBreacher and MultiPry. Available individually or as part of the Heavy Breaching Kit, the EdgeBender is a fast, effective tool for a hard job.

Note: The sale of this item is restricted to law enforcement, police, and fire department agencies only. Call Customer Service at (708) 417-1657 to order. Confirmation is required prior to purchase.

  • Creates an attack gap for leverage tools
  • Quick and quiet to minimize exposure
  • Available individually and in the Heavy Breaching Kit
  • Part of the 5.11® Breaching System
  • 17.5" in length
  • Seamless hydraulic pipe for rigidity
  • Fully hardened
  • T-handle applies high, even pressure
  • Available separately or as part of the Heavy Breaching Kit


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