5.11 Tactical Gryphon Break N' Rake Extended Expert Entry Tool

Item# 50335

  • $344.99

The 5.11 Tactical Gryphon Break N' Rake Extended Expert Entry Tool was engineered for first responders, the Gryphon Extended Break N Rake is a multipurpose window entry tool engineered to quickly and efficiently penetrate the laminated, privacy, and security glass materials that are increasingly common in high profile buildings and automobiles. Measuring 70" in length, the Gryphon EXT allows the operator to gain entry from a safe distance, and the D handle features a rubber handle to ensure maximum grip when striking, slashing, or sawing. The front side of the tool is a serrated rake that can be used to safely clear glass shards and allow a safe window entry, while the rear side is an impact tool used to create or expand an initial point of entry.

Note: Sale of this item is restricted to law enforcement and fire department agencies only. Call Customer Service at (708) 417-1657 to order. Confirmation required prior to purchase.

  • Designed for first responders
  • Part of the 5.11 Breaching System
  • Defeats up to 1" thick privacy or hurricane glass
  • Elongated glass rake clears shards in seconds
  • Made in the USA
  • Shaft built from hardened hydraulic steel
  • Head built from carbonized steel alloy
  • Weighs 9.5 lbs.
  • 70" long
  • Hydraulic pipe steel shaft for strength
  • Serrated edged hooked Break n' Rake shaped working end
  • D Shaped rubber handle grip on end of tool
  • Tool heads is constructed of a propriety full hardened carbonized steel alloy for maximum tool life
  • Ensures diverse tool functionality with its unique head shape
  • Ensures reduced time on the breaching site and maximum tool leverage in critical situations


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