ASP Tactical T USB (T Series)

Item# 35637

  • $59.50

The ASP Tactical T USB is precision machined from high strength aerospace aluminum. It has proprietary matte black Type III hardcoat anodizing. The leak proof Lithium polymer power cell has a ten year shelf life. The TIR reflector is gasket sealed. It produces a brilliant white penetrating beam of incredible brightness.  The Tactical USB is easily recharged on a computer with the included Retractable USB cord. Any modern micro USB cell phone charger will connect to the light. Auxiliary car and wall chargers are available from ASP.  The intermittent or constant switch activation system of the Tactical USB is positive, yet secure. Press down for intermittent light. Press down and forward for constant illumination. This brilliant high intensity auxiliary light can be attached to any button-release Talon Baton.

  • Lumens: 95
  • Run Time: 45min
  • Beam Distance: 44m

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