Beretta PX4 MMR Kit

Item# 01-2720

  • $175.00

The UTM Beretta PX4 MMR Kit bears a unique chamber profile that will not allow "Live/Lethal" ammunition to completely chamber therefore holding the weapon out of battery, making the weapon inoperative. The conversions are also slotted on the side, which allows the brass case of a live round to rupture in a controlled manner dispersing gases and unburnt powder through the ejection port if all safety protocols are not followed or a round is distorted/forced into the conversion. The UTM conversions provide safety well beyond that of any other conversion on the market, providing live round lock-out for commonly used ammunition in the Law Enforcement and Military communities with the remaining portion of uncommon rounds being dispelled with our gas dispersal safety feature greatly reducing incident potential. The UTM Beretta PX4 MMR Kit is designed and engineered for the utmost in safety, in-service reliability and maintainability. The conversions and kits are easy to install, typically a simple exchange of the manufacturer's barrel or slide assembly is all that is required. UTM conversions adapt the host weapon to fire UTM ammunition with the feel and function of "live" ammunition.

  • Law Enforcement, Military, Government or Registered Professional Training Organization (PTO) purchases only
  • $5,000.00 minimum order, Lead time is 12-16 weeks
    • Conversion kit consists of a replacement barrel for man marking rounds (MMR)
    • Live round lockout
    • Non-locking barrel/ direct blowback only
    • Blue indicators for easy identification that the training barrel is installed
    • Compatible ammunition types: MMR, NMR, TBR

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