Blackhawk Folding Rear Back-Up Iron Sight (BUIS)

Item# 71BU01BK

  • $35.96

The Blackhawk Folding Rear Back-Up Iron Sight (BUIS) conforms to military specifications with its hybrid aperture of high-performance polymer base and aluminum single sight blade. It is also optimized for strength-to-weight ratio. The Blackhawk rear folding sight locks down effortlessly and can be spring ejected with ease by simply pushing a button. The strength of the BUIS withstands the demands of any rugged terrain you may encounter and is a well-suited companion piece for M4/AR-15 platforms offering detachable optical mounts.

  • Optimized for AR platform
  • Compatible with MIL-spec height front AR sights
  • Single "hybrid" aperture for simplicity
  • Locks into stowed position with push-button-actuated spring deployment
  • Aluminum sight blade/aperture and polymer base for optimal strength-to-weight ratio

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