Uncle Mikes Cordura Open Handcuff Case

Uncle Mikes Cordura Open Handcuff Case

Item# 7792-1

  • $12.76

The Uncle Mike's Cordura Open Handcuff Case has a break open snap - just pull on cuffs to remove them. Narrow width uses a minimum of belt space.

Two styles available:

  1. Dual Slot Belt Loops allow wearer to move the case to either dress or duty belts up to 2 1/4".
  2. Strong Belt Clip allows for easy fit on dress belts and waist bands.
  • Laminated, one-piece design limits wear at bottom
  • Fast draw...just pull on cuffs to break open snap; reholster cuffs with one hand
  • Attaches horizontally to offside tie-down strap of Vertical or Horizontal Shoulder Holster below single or double magazine or speedloader case
  • Also can be worn on belts up to 2¼"

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