Fobus Handcuff/Magazine Combo

Fobus Handcuff/Magazine Combo

Item# CU9

  • $25.50

The Fobus Handcuff/Magazine combo pouch is a one piece design that allows you to carry a singe pair of hinged or linked handcuffs along with a spare magazine. The holster is riveted to the paddle for extra security and the holster features a nut for adjusting the tension and fit of the magazine and cuffs. The paddle is designed to be worn in conjunction with a belt to ensure maximum stability while carrying.

  • Fobus Handcuff/Magazine Combo Pouch CU9
  • Outside the Waistband
  • Paddle Holster
  • Adjustable Tension nut
  • Polymer
  • Matte Black
  • Single pair of chained Handcuffs
  • Double stacked 9mm Luger/.357 SIG/.40 S&W Magazines
  • Note: Will Not fit Glock magazines use the Fobus CU9G instead.

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