Uncle Mike's Double Latex Glove Pouch

Item# 8896-1

  • $11.96

The Uncle Mike's Double Latex Glove Pouch was designed to hold two pairs of standard latex gloves.  When searching suspects, dealing with injured persons or examining a crime scene, officer safety is a priority. Blood borne pathogens and other harmful bacterial can be quickly transferred to unprotected hands. Uncovered hands can also compromise crime scene integrity by leaving behind residual oils and finger prints. Uncle Mikes aims to prevent these issues with its low-profile carrier. Designed to go anywhere and everywhere, the case is constructed from military-grade nylon in order to take regular abuse without fraying. A snap-secured cover flap keeps contents from falling out and provides additional protection from external forces. A stiffened edge allows users to quickly open the case regardless of outside conditions. To prevent snagging the carrier features a closed-cell foam core and a smooth knit lining.

  • Holds 2 pairs of latex gloves
  • Soft knit interior prevents snagging of gloves
  • Dual compartments keep contents separate and easy to grab
  • Full length cover flap protects gloves from contamination
  • Fits belts up to 2.25"

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