GHOST 3.5 lb. Ultimate Trigger Control Connector for Glocks

Ghost 3.5 lb. Ultimate Trigger Control Connector for Glocks GEN 1-5

Item# GHO-2105-E-4

  • $17.95

The Ghost Ultimate trigger control connector for Glock GEN 1-5 incorporates the patent pending debris channels which removes debris from the trigger mechanism and reduces the friction of the trigger parts making the Ultimate smooth and self cleaning. Why is self cleaning so important? Because as you fire your pistol debris builds up on the trigger mechanism surfaces. These debris cause additional friction. This friction increases the weight of the trigger pull thus increasing the force applied to the connector. As the trigger pull weight increases the connector is pushed towards the rear of the trigger housing eventually far enough that the pistol will not fire! The channels also reduce the thickness of the connector body by 33%. This reduction increases reset speed and because these channels are located on the center line of the connector body they do not cause connector torsioning. These features along with polishing gives you the Ultimate in light smooth 3.5 lb trigger pulls.

  • Fits GEN 1-5 Glocks
  • Debris channels to remove debris from trigger mechanism
  • Reduces friction of the trigger parts
  • Self cleaning
  • 3.5 lb trigger pull

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