Hatch Model TSK326 Task Heavy Knuckle Glove

Hatch Model TSK326 Task Heavy Knuckle Glove

Item# TSK326-S

  • $27.99

The Hatch Model TSK326 Task heavy Knuckle Glove is designed with the patented Z-Pattern palm with a diamond grip for heavy duty applications. It incorporates the five innovative features of the Task Specific line including the Ergo-Cut palm and patented Cut-Ring. The knuckle is made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) for shock-absorption while the back of the hand is constructed of lightweight, breathable stretch fabric. Touchscreen technology is incorporated into the index finger.

  • Patented Z-pattern palm with diamond grip for heavy-duty applications
  • Shock absorbing Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) knuckle
  • Durable synthetic palm material
  • Touchscreen technology in index finger
  • Soft and lightweight, breathable stretch material on back of hand
  • Reinforced fingertips with diamond grip for extra protection
  • All-soft cuff, to flex around a wristwatch, provides comfort and freedom of movement
  • Patented index finger Cut-Ring to ensure no unraveling when glove tip is cut off
  • Ergo-Cut™ Floating Thumb pattern for a comfortable fit, offering greater dexterity
  • Articulated strap accommodates a larger watch, offers personalized adjustability

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