SWAT Operator Pin

Item# CM-1182

  • $10.99

The SWAT Operator insignia has been adopted nationwide by law enforcement and corrections agencies as their official SWAT qualification insignia.  The appeal of this insignia is that it is very professional looking, not overly aggressive or politically incorrect, and symbolizes the ideal characteristics of a SWAT Operator.

    • Eagle: Honor & Integrity
    • Rifle: Firepower
    • K-Bar: Stealth
    • Lightning Bolt: Speed & Forcefulness of Action

The SWAT Operator Insignia is a commercially stocked item that is available as a uniform pin or patch. The pins are constructed with a double clutch back. They are 1" high x 1.5" wide, and come in five different colors and three different levels (operator, senior operator, and master operator).

Below is an example of the graduation schedule from one level to the next that is used by many agencies; 

Operator 0-5 years Senior Operator 6-10 years Master Operator 10+ years

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